Interjecting poeticism into our daily lives
In efforts to explore new interaction models we created a piece of furniture that accepts and responds to human interaction. Poesi, an interactive bench born from the question, "What if a public bench could interpret a moment?", senses when a person sits down, and generates them a haiku printed on a receipt.
Interaction Design, Furniture
Collaborators: Alex Alspaugh
↓ Poesi
As part of a physical computing course, we were tasked with creating a working prototype of furniture that senses, and responds to, human interaction. Rather than starting with an idea, we began our project by questioning what it might look like for an object to interpret a moment, and respond in a way that adds meaning.

Equipped with an Arduino, load sensors, a temperature gauge, a clock module, and a receipt printer, Poesi takes in contextual data to provide the user with a unique, poem receipt.