A new web identity for a family-run Sonoma winery
Blue Farm Wines is Anne Moller-Racke's critically acclaimed viticulture project, focused on Burgundy Grand Cru Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. In partnership with Alex Alspaugh, we reimagined a fresh web identity that reflected their humble elegance and passion for detail.
Web Design, Photography
Collaborators: Alex Alspaugh
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Restructuring, reimagining
We started our redesign, as many do, by familiarizing ourselves with the product and its shortcomings. In this case, that meant digging through every page we could find on the website, understanding the content and the purpose of each page, and mapping out the information architecture. After visualizing the site map, we were able to look for redundancies in the webpages, and opportunities to consolidate and even omit information that hindered the website experience.
Old website
Design System
Our new design system began with the typeface choice, Roobert. A mono-linear sans-serif, Roobert was the perfect typeface to update the brand, while upholding the humble elegance of their craft. From there, a robust type scale was made to accommodate both desktop and mobile. Lastly, we revised the color palette with contrast and balance in mind.
Next we took brand new bottle shots for all of their current releases. We knew we wanted the new site to be largely photo-based, so we updated the product photography to match the design language we were building. We used a light gray seamless to ensure enough contrast against the background of the site.
The final website aimed to mirror Blue Farm's humble elegance and passion for detail. Upon entering the site, you are met with a full bleed video that showcases the beauty of their farm and vineyards. Imagery of their people and vineyards alternate with type to tell their story and guide the user. A fully functioning e-commerce section houses their current releases, as well as an archive of past wines and their tech sheets for the curious. The site was made responsive from desktop to mobile.

Website is currently in production and expected to launch in June.